Username: Vauxbx

Too many penniless dreamers, greedy people and timewasters on here recently.

I'm a Premium member of Swapz, I'm always completely honest and expect the same in return, feel free to ask anyone who's swapped with me. Good manners are essential, if you mail me and don't use words such as 'please' and 'thanks' you might not get a reply. I don't 'do' text talk', please at least try and attempt English!
I have a very good reputation on here (backed up by the swapz I have done) which I'm proud of.
Note: nearly all of the swapz I have done have been for cars/scooters/vans etc and not just old CDs and stuff. I'm a real petrol head and love driving different vehicles.

Far too many timewasters and dreamers on here now, I keep on adding more and more people to my blocked list.

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