Username: WagglyBean

Looking for some simple and easy swaps. No point in holding onto the stuff I don't need - might as well trade it out for something I do want.

If you see anything in my Swapz list you're interested in, offer me anything you like - the worst I can do is say no! Periodically I will put things onto eBay when I need to clear some room. So if you see something you are interested in, it is advisable to at least show your interest in it - otherwise it might disappear!

Not really looking for cash exchanges. Will only pay cash for something if there's really no other option.

I expect the one with the least feedback to always send first. If that is me, so be it!

Avoid swapping with:
- diddy1010 - this swapper messed me about for two months, he is not worth the hassle.
- samward942903 - makes swap proposals and then withdraws them. Don't propose if you don't mean it!

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