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Honest down to earth genuine swapper please don't mess me about or waste my time agree something then don't reply and be pig ignorant be honest and tell me and I'll do the same nobody likes a time waster anyway I have a young family and baby I always make sure both party's are completely happy before swapping because once a deal has been done it's done that's it my cars are always 100% safe especially with having a baby in the car and none have no problems unless listed with a fault I mainly like high mileage cars because low or medium mileage cars are often due some sort of maintenance or parts because parts are only designed to last 30-40,000 miles and cars between 60k and 120k are often due major components especially head gaskets which isn't a good thing when you just want to jump into a car and go wherever so I tend to go for full history higher mileage cars which have often gone wrong and been fixed and you get some sort of nice grace period without hefty bills after a swap and I am a buyer with over 336 positive feedback on ebay and 100% feedback which is delboytrotter82 should you wish to look all my cars are exactly as I described them and are fully hpi checked and checked against the NMR I also check the cars I swap with to make sure they are genuine because you can never be to careful on here Because there is always someone who isn't completely honest and have a payday loan secured on the car then deny it an HPI check doesn't lie just be honest so you can swap with confidence with me knowing you are not going to have any surprises down the line and drive a genuine safe car thanks for looking and all the best to everyone and thanks for reading this

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