Username: bladerunnerchq

I live in the North West of England and am happily married with 3 cats.
I enjoy swapping and hate scammers.
I have a cousin who is a member of an organisation that is worldwide and one that you do not want to mess with, so please do not try and scam me as I guarantee you will be getting a visit.
Other than that, make me an offer for any of my swaps.

I am particularly interested in Army stuff, Clothing, Webbing, Sleeping Bags, Bivvy Bags, Hexamine Stoves, Tarps, Para Cord, M65 jacket, Cold Weather Clothing, Gloves, Mits, Boots, Survival Gear, Glow Sticks, Bergen, Gas Mask, Pocket Chainsaw, Torches, Kukhri, Parang, Thermal Clothing, Shemagh, Goggles, First Aid Kit, etc.

If you are in the army or know someone who is, I am particularly interested in MRE's. Meals Ready to Eat otherwise known as rations.

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