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hi every 1 altho im new to swaps id just like to say that i'll always be honest about my swaps also that i will turn up to any arranged meeting point or even cover your fuel costs if your coming to me,
once a meet is arrange a landline number will be given i'll also give you if needed my ebay username to prove that i am indeed honest,
All I ask in return is that you read my advert fully from top to bottom good and bad, study the pictures closely and finally clarify with you're partner that she's happy for you to swap (or grow a pair!) my adverts state every known issue there maybe along with detailed pictures so I don't want to hear excuses.
Don't want to sound harsh but there's so many idiots on Swapz with poor excuses.
Sorry genuine Swapz members.

thank you for looking at my swaps and happy swapping.

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