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Hi my name is dean and im into cars, laptops, computers, mobile phones and all other electrical goods, being car electricals and household electricals.

I use swapz to swap my own personal cars for fun and as a hobby so please dont try and offer me over priced cars as for the 9 years ive been trading for i know the ins and outs/values of vehicles...

Please note, like others i am not here to be messed around, i have been on this site now since it was opened, i used to have another account which was closed due to somebody trying to hack it, i have completed just over 230 swapz altogether and i dont waste people's time on here, all i ask is if you show me interest or make me a proposal, stick to it... Otherwise you will be named and shamed, i describe my items just how they are and i point out any bad points and i also point out the good points. i am honest and trustworthy.
also if you are going to offer me a swap / show interest then please supply a telephone number to be contacted on, I will under no circumstances post any of my items first without either full clear payment or higher feedback than my own which still i would need a home contact number, address and preferably some sort of identification emailed to me, I'm sorry but there are too many people on the internet these days who don't want to go out and do a hard days graft, instead try and scam decent honest people out of there well earned money and possessions. Thanks.

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