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"Swapping is all about exchanging things that you no longer require, but I want for things that I no longer require, but you want. In short, getting what we want without paying (Vile Autocratic Theft) VAT."

I'm glad I found Swapz for a number of reasons, for example I hope to save you and I from spending our hard-earned money on items we need by a reciprocal exchange of goods. Also I hate VAT (Vile Autocratic Theft) and I am going out of my way to avoid paying it whenever I can, this is even more so now that it has increased to 20%.

Okay, I have a few things to say re: my stuff. Although I am not loaded neither am I on the breadline and, unless specifically stated, I am not interested in selling my bits and pieces. I want to swap things I no longer need for things, which I do need. Although I am willing to consider any swap, I am in fact looking for specific items, so it would help if you see my ‘Wantedz’ before contacting me. Please don't ask me how much I want for whatever, however, if you do not have what I want, but need something that I have then by all means make me an offer and if the price is right I can then use that money to buy what I want.

Before you contact me look at the distance between us and if it is over 50 miles be prepared to use the Post Office or a carrier. For the right item, within a reasonable distance (no more than 25 miles one way) I will come to you; otherwise I will meet you halfway (again, no more than 25 miles).

if you don’t have transport, get somebody to drive you or get the bus or train (don’t expect me to drive 200 miles for your benefit as has been suggested by one of the idiots that pepper this site) or I will post if that is what you want. However, having been bitten I am now a stickler for the 'least sends first rule'. Therefore, if you have more transactions than me I will gladly send my item first. Conversely, if you have fewer transactions than I, then you will send first. This is non-negotiable and no arguments or attempts to justify otherwise will be tolerated. If you don’t agree, don’t contact me.

You are perfectly safe and can check me out through my previous deals - except 'Jesuslovesyou'. He has actually tripped himself up in his vitriolic swipe at me. See where he admits to holding back on sending his item. But then sends it after receiving mine, which he says was rubbish! Now is that confusing or what?

Put yourself in his shoes. If you received my item before sending yours and discovered mine was rubbish, wouldn’t you just return mine and hold on to yours? Well of course you would, but he receives mine and says: “Oh look this is crap, now I’ll send mine to him.” Then when I discover he has unloaded defective goods on me and I complain he says I sent him rubbish – although he kept it and sent me his! And he calls me a doughnut.

Please know that I am honest and appreciative of your time and money and will not squander either. I would ask you to show me the same courtesy.

Further, it helps if one can see an accurate image of the item offered. I take the time to provide accurate descriptions and images of my items in the correct orientation. (pictures of cars, for example, on their sides is lazy and shows a complete indifference and lack of respect for the viewer). If you can't be bothered to provide accurate images in the correct orientation then please don't contact me

In closing, I wish to say that I answer every request I get. But I am sick of the ignorant, arrogant and inconsiderate bastards on this site who offer a swap, but then ignore my suggestion. If you do this to me don't ever approach me for a swap again because you will be in my block list and once in it you don't ever come out.



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