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im a 28 year old male i live in oxfordshire i love to trade cars bikes and just about anything as i get bored of things quickly im not a car dealer i just like doing deals im fair and honest about all my swaps/sales as i see it if you have somthing i want and i have somthing you want we can do a fair deal and every ones happy i value my cars/ect using autotrader and other sites and publications to find out the true value of what things are worth at the time im selling /swaping and i would expect the same coz theres so many people who realy dont have a clue as to what their items are worth and put stupidly high prices on their veichles/items and wonder why no one wants to deal with them i will try to reply to all questions and proposals quikly and honestly
what more can i say!!! apart from happy swaping/selling to all cheers richy,p

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