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.I treat people how I expect to be treated.Im honest and fair and thats what I expect in return...I will only post first if your rating and feedback is greater than mine otherwise you will need to send first.We all had to deal this way sorry..thanks to all the honest pleasent people who I have dealt with so far and hopefully will carry on dealing...Hate it when people cant even say no thankyou they are just plainly ignorant..manners cost nothing.thankyou to all those who do reply..
People who are timewasters and not to deal with...
McIvor2006(Biggest timewaster on the site)

Don't think anyone swapz anymore on here. I'm here to swap items I don't need for hopefully something I do need! And also please note if you are ignorant and don't bother replying when I ask about something you list Im interested in then please expect the same if I list something you are interested in I will ignore you aswell so you can find out what it is like being ignored when you are interested in something!! A simple no sorry or possibly takes a few seconds!!
Please NO MORE TIMEWASTERS!! If we agree a swap please follow it through and not just mess around!

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