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hi,i am a genuine guy who like's everything and anything im into collecting most items and have never done anyone out of anything i will always respond and send my items with tracking every successful item i swap i will recommend the user i like to use the chat room to talk about the item im swapping but not necessary please don't take me for a fool im into silver good silver scrap silver dirty silver any sterling silver i like try my swaps see what i says if is silver it may be your lucky day!! i don't like greedy people who over price to the full im a fair person and a good chat anything you have may interest me anything i have will intreast you i have coins stamps cards cars toys etc i have alot to swap for the right item if we agree on and item and you have less than me i will expect you to post first if i did post first and didnt recive your item i will be at your door reclaiming mine!

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