Your Details and E-mail

Why haven't I received any e-mail from

It is most likely that you have not provided us with your correct e-mail address. Please check your Profile and make sure your e-mail details are correct.

Can different members use the same e-mail address?

Different members can use the same email address providing the userclass="anchor" names and passwords chosen for each family member are different.

How do 2 or more people using the same computer use the system?

As long as each user logs out at the end of each session, when returning to you simply log back in with your own userclass="anchor" name and password.

What do I do if I loose or forget my password?

There is a link of the left hand side of the home page. Simply click on it and follow the instructions. You can also click here.

Does protect me from spamming?

Your e-mail address is never displayed, and only sent out in messages you send to people registered on the system that you have chosen to contact. This is why we do not allow you to enter your e-mail address in your swapz listings or in any forum posts.

Who can see my information on

Any person who views the site can see any swap you have listed and any forum post you may have made. We recommend that you do not enter your address or telephone details anywhere on the site.

Can I stop receiving the newsletter by e-mail?

Yes. There is a link contained within each newsletter. Simply click on this link to unsubscribe.

Can I change my registered e-mail address?

You can change your registered e-mail address at any time. Just go to the "My Swapz" page and in the Profile section change your e-mail address. Then click on the Submit button at the foot of the page.