Registration Problems

Why do you need my e-mail address?

Without your valid e-mail address, we cannot send our membership activation e-mail to you. It is also needed to enable other members to propose a swap to you.

I have already registered, but keep getting asked to register every time I come back to the site - why?

The most likely answer is because you have not selected cookies in your browser options. The next question will give you more information about cookies.

What are cookies - and why does use them?

A cookie is small file that gets stored on your PC. It contains information about the site. Cookies enable to log in automatically for you and remember your preferences amongst other things. Like many sites,, requires cookies for our site to work. Therefore, cookies must be enabled in your browser options. Every browser and version has different ways of setting cookies. Make sure you refer to your Browser help to set cookies. Cookies will do no harm to you''re your computer.