Curtains. Spiral Black Metal Fabric Valance Drapers

Location: North West England - Liverpool
Swap Value: £1-£10


Create stunning effects by twisting and draping fabric through the cleverly designed spiral. Pack of 2.

Instructions as to use:
Secure base plate to wall
Fan-fold fabric and drape over horizontal bars
Push loop of fabric through hole from rear
Rotate loop and draw over hook
Adjust fabric as desired

Pictures for the above included in package

I want to swap for

I am looking for an Arc Welder, Electric Chain Saw, Widescreen PC Monitor, Power Washer, Bow Saw. Mini (netbook) Laptop - they are the only things I want - NOTHING else. I am NOT open to any other swaps.

PLEASE NOTE: You should look at my profile before contacting me as I place information there that could save you a great deal of frustration and wasted time.

Thank you.