Poetry for any Occasion or Lyrics for Your Score by Published Author

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When you need to send a humorous birthday poem, a Valentine's Day love poem, or a special anniversary poem to name just a few examples, I can find the right words to communicate your thoughts and emotions superlatively.

I can provide you with personally written and unique verse for every occasion and circumstance. Many of my poems have been used to deliver important and heartfelt messages to friends and loved ones and I have a success rate of 100% satisfied customers.

I will take your instructions and craft a very special sentiment that will last a lifetime. Every poem is specific and written just for you. The resulting verse will express your message from the heart.

Poetry lasts and is ideal for that special happy occasion, or even that special sad occasion.

* Perhaps you have lost a loved one and want to remind the world what a wonderful person they were.
* Or your cherished pet has died and you want to have a poem to remind you of him or her.
* Perhaps you want a poem to read out at the reception as you give your daughter away in style.
* You want to give the best, Best Man’s speech in verse.
*Or you want to tell your new bride/groom how much you love her/him.
* Maybe you just want to simply say: Thank You or I'm Sorry or I Forgive You or I Miss You.

Very often in our lives we need the right words to say exactly what is in our hearts, exactly what it is we are feeling, especially to our loved ones. However, sadly too often we neglect to speak from our hearts because we just cannot find those important words for a secret romantic love sonnet and the moment is lost - forever.


As with poetry the lyrics of a song need to belong to the music and work and flow effortlessly with the melody. So often these days we hear words that practically scream in agony, having been pressed (sometimes with the apparent weight of a piano) into service - forcing them to conform and do their masters bidding; regardless.

* Perhaps you are a musician with a failing deadline due to the need of good libretto.
* Or you have commission somebody to write lyrics, but you are disillusioned as they are inadequate and the words they have produced are lamentable.
*Or you have fallen out with your lyricist and are desperately in need of a new partner.
* Or you have composed a great piece of music and attempted to write lyrics, but the prose doesn’t quite sound right or you can’t quite get it to fit.
* Maybe you are a musician and have a deadline to meet for a rehearsal or even the show itself and you need lyrics for a song or even for the whole score.

In any of the above circumstances I can help you.

If you have a very special occasion looming and you want to make the absolute most of it. Allow me to ensure you convey your exact thoughts and feelings to capture that very special moment or...

If you have commissioned a melody to rival the greatest ballad and need an equally great lyric, or if you have personally produced a fabulous score and you need a similarly fabulous and sophisticated stanza and chorus to complement it, I will see that you are not disappointed.

A heartfelt verse can move mountains and well-structured, intelligent and sophisticated lines can make a song or score a success. Whatever your requirements poem or lyrics tell me what you have to swap and I will send details of where you can leave the information I will need to know in order to produce your masterpiece.

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