Child's bicycle 4 Sound Sireeeeeeeeen and red flashing light!

Location: North West England - Liverpool
Swap Value: 1 penny


Kids just love this. It fixes to the handle bars and spins a red flashing light when either of the 4 buttons are pressed. Each button emits a loud siren mimicking a police car, a fire engine, an ambulance and a doctor on call. Powered by 2 AA batteries.

Suitable for children from 5 - 10. It will keep them happy for hours on end as they can't help but keep pressing the buttons. Making their friends envious and letting you know where they are at all times.

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I am looking for an Arc Welder, Electric Chain Saw, Widescreen PC Monitor, Power Washer, Bow Saw. Mini (netbook) Laptop - PLEASE NOTE: They are the only things I want- nothing else. I am not open to any other swaps. Further, you should look at my profile before contacting me as I place information there that could save you a great deal of frustration and wasted time. Thank you.

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