Location: North West England - Liverpool
Swap Value: £1-£10


The tent or trailer-tent campers friend. This ingenious little gadget has filled a much needed gap. Ideal for that warm shower in the great outdoors without having to queue behind the rest of the campers. This tough 20 litre bag heats water up in the sun and can be hung for a refreshing wash. Simply fill with water leave in the sun and continue enjoying your holiday; go out for the day, travel, explore and shop if you feel the need then when you arrive back at the camping site gallons of warm water (enough for the whole family to take a shower) will be waiting for you. Operation is simplicity itself; suspend from a tree or hook onto a tent pole and open the tap. Comes with adjustable shower head.

I want to swap for

I am looking for an Arc Welder, Electric Chain Saw, Widescreen PC Monitor, Power Washer, Bow Saw. Mini (netbook) Laptop - PLEASE NOTE: They are the only things I want- nothing else. I am not open to any other swaps. Further, you should look at my profile before contacting me as I place information there that could save you a great deal of frustration and wasted time. Thank you.