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Scroll Documents Prepared For That Special Occasion by Published Author

Location: North West England - Liverpool
Swap Value: £25-£50


For that perfect gift for a: Wedding, an Anniversary, a Birthday, a Christening or for any other occasion my special scroll documents and 'The Daily Birthday News' ready to be framed by you in the style of your choice is just what you need.

I have been delighting people for years with the most unusual and unique gifts, which you could imagine. Gifts that uniquely commemorate a special day in a person's life beautifully produced and ready for you to mount in your own special frame.

On the special occasion of a wedding wouldn't it be wonderful to give the happy couple a beautiful reminder of their special day? A reminder that in future years will bring back all those wonderful memories and events of the special day.

The above documents can even be given as a birthday gift or to commemorate an anniversary or for that matter anything that wishes to record a past event.

Birthday documents are produced as the 'Daily Birthday News' certificate, which mimics the front page of a newspaper.

Your perfect gift would include facts taken from newspapers of the day, reflecting important events. Such as:

* What happened around the time of their special day?
* Who was born/married on that day?
* Who was the English Reigning Monarch?
* Who was the Prime Minister?
* Who was the President of the USA?
* Which famous people share the special day, ie., who was married/born on the day?
* Which was the most popular film at the time?
* Which was the best selling record?
* Who won the UK's major sporting events
* What was the price of a house or a car?
* And even how much was the price of a packet of cigarettes or a pint of beer?

I have been asked for certificates to commemorate many past events such as: Masonic promotions, pub and club anniversaries, reflections of the time a house was bought and even, a document to mark the passing of a favourite pet.

Perhaps you would prefer a certificate commemorating a person's first name. We are all linked to the past by our names, which have been in existence for hundreds even thousands of years. These are wonderful for christenings and document such things as:

* What is the origin of the name?
* Where did it originate?
* Was it taken from the bible, or is it a Clan name?
* Perhaps from the name of a village?
* Or an occupation
* Or was it because of an ancient landmark?
* And what qualities are associated with the name?

These mysteries can now be answered as over the years I have built up a database of over 250,000 names and their meaning and I have access to rare books and manuscripts. The name commemoration documents contain all this information.

Tell me what you have to swap and which document you would like and I will advise of where to leave the information I will need in order to produce your Scroll.

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