Brand New Still in the Box Merchandise Pricing Gun

Location: North West England - Liverpool
Swap Value: £10-£25


Brand new and high quality. Price gun has 13 kinds of currency ranging from GBP, USD, HK, EXP, RP, RS, RM, ZO, TL, ?, ¥, $ and symbols such as No and Ref and can pint as many as 8 digits on one line.

It is simplicity itself to use and comes complete with Ink and labels included in the package.

This is 1 of 4 that were ordered by mistake. Only 3 were required.

I want to swap for

I am looking for an Arc Welder, Electric Chain Saw, Widescreen PC Monitor, Power Washer, Bow Saw. Mini (netbook) Laptop - PLEASE NOTE: They are the only things I want- nothing else. I am not open to any other swaps. Further, you should look at my profile before contacting me as I place information there that could save you a great deal of frustration and wasted time. Thank you.